Dirk Verhofstadt - Opinion


  • It is necessary that Turkey joins the EU
    • Column by Dirk Verhofstadt on Liberales-website, 7 August 2007
  • The liberal testament of Karl Popper
    • Column by Dirk Verhofstadt in Liberales-newsletter, 28 March 2007
  • Liberalism is the best Cure for Poverty
    • Lecture at the Conference on Development in Brussels, 17 October 2005
  • Liberalism lives of hope, trust and optimism
    • Lecture at Tumult Debatcentrum in Utrecht, 5 October 2005
  • On the Shame of Protectionism
    • Column by Dirk Verhofstadt in Free Europe, 5 August 2004
  • A Plea for Individualism
    • Essay by Dirk Verhofstadt 2 January 2004

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Famous quotes containing the word opinion:

    Every day confirms my opinion on the superiority of a vicious life—and if Virtue is not its own reward I don’t know any other stipend annexed to it.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)

    If in the opinion of the Tsars authors were to be the servants of the state, in the opinion of the radical critics writers were to be the servants of the masses. The two lines of thought were bound to meet and join forces when at last, in our times, a new kind of regime the synthesis of a Hegelian triad, combined the idea of the masses with the idea of the state.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    Let a man learn to look for the permanent in the mutable and fleeting; let him learn to bear the disappearance of things he was wont to reverence; without losing his reverence; let him learn that he is here, not to work, but to be worked upon; and that, though abyss open under abyss, and opinion displace opinion, all are at last contained in the Eternal Cause.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)