Didier is a French name. It comes from the Ancient Roman name Didius.

During the 5th century AD, with the Christianisation of ancient pagan names, it was decided to associate a new Latin translation to this name: Desiderius, related to Latin desiderium, meaning "ardent desire".

The name may also refer to:

In people given names:

  • Didier Ratsiraka, a former President of Madagascar, serving two terms, from 1975 to 1993 and from 1997 to 2002
  • Didier Marouani, a French musician, founder of music group "Space".
  • Didier of Cahors (c. 580–655), Desiderius or (saint) Didier, French saint
  • Desiderius (8th century), last king of the Lombards

In people surnames:

  • Candice Didier (b. 1988), French figure skater
  • Charles A. Didier (b. 1935), Belgian Mormon leader
  • Clint Didier (b. 1959), U.S. politician and former football tight end in the NFL
  • Daniel J. Didier (b. 1945), Judge - Orange County, CA. Superior Court
  • F.O. "Potch" Didier (1919–2007), Louisiana sheriff who once spent seven days in his own jail upon conviction of malfeasance in office
  • John Peter Didier (1748–1823), U.S. politician, first State Treasurer of Missouri

In organizations:

  • Didier & Co., New York publisher of the late 1940s P. G. Wodehouse novels Uncle Dynamite and The Mating Season

In film:

  • Didier (film), a 1997 French film