Devolution - List of Unitary States With Devolution

List of Unitary States With Devolution

State Government Type Subdivisions article Main regional units Other regional units
France Republic Regions of France 27 regions, of which 6 have a special degree of autonomy
Italy Republic Regions of Italy 20 regions, of which 5 have a special degree of autonomy 2 autonomous provinces
Papua New Guinea Constitutional Monarchy Provinces of Papua New Guinea 18 provinces 1 capital territory
Peru Republic Regions of Peru 25 regions 1 province at the first order
Solomon Islands Constitutional Monarchy Provinces of the Solomon Islands 9 provinces 1 capital territory
Spain Constitutional Monarchy Autonomous communities of Spain
(nationalities and regions of Spain)
17 autonomous communities 2 autonomous cities
United Kingdom Constitutional Monarchy Countries of the United Kingdom
(Home Nations)
4 constituent countries, of which 3 have devolved governments
Kenya Presidential Republic Counties of Kenya 47 counties based on 47 districts recognized by law

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