Detroit City Council - Former Members

Former Members

Starting in 1919, nine Detroit City Council members were elected at large. Members of the council, from 1919 to the present, are:

Year Detroit City Council Members
1919 John C. Lodge James Vernor John C. Nagel Sherman Littlefield William P. Bradley
(Died June 1938)
Charles F. Bielman
(Died April 16, 1920)
Fred W. Castator David W. Simons John Kronk
Richard M. Watson
(Elected November 21, 1920)
1922 Robert G. Ewald
1924 John Stevenson Arthur E. Dingeman Phillip A. Callahan
1928 George A. Walters John Kronk
1930 John C. Nagel John S. Hall
(Died January 19, 1934)
1932 Frank Couzens John W. Smith Richard Lindsay
(Died January 7, 1937)
John C. Lodge Eugene Van Antwerp Edward Jeffries
1934 George Engle
(Until June 23, 1937)
Arthur E. Dingeman
(November 13, 1934 – Oct. 1935)
1936 Robert G. Ewald
(Out May 26, 1942)
John Kronk
(Elected April 5, 1937)
1938 Philip Breitmeyer Harry I. Dingeman
(Out April 10, 1941)
Henry S. Sweeny
John W. Smith
(Elected November 8, 1938,
Died June 1942)
1940 Charles E. Dorais
(Rsgd. May 27, 1947)
John Hamilton
(Out April 2, 1941)
James H. Garlick
1942 William G. Rogell George C. Edwards William A. Comstock
(Died June 16, 1949)
Frank Cody
(Elected November 3, 1942,
Died April 1946)
1944 Fred C. Castator
1946 Charles G. Oakman
Patrick J. McNamara
(Elected November 5, 1946)
1948 Louis C. Miriani Charles F. Edgecomb Leo J. Nowicki
(Resigned April 14, 1948)
Del A. Smith John A. Kronk
(Died February 13, 1954)
James H. Garlick
Edward Connor
(Elected November 2, 1948,
Resigned December 31, 1966)
1950 Edward Jeffries
(Died April 2, 1950)
Mary Beck William G. Rogell
Eugene Van Antwerp
(Elected November 7, 1950,
Died August 5, 1962)
1954 Charles Youngblood Blanche Parent Wise
James H. Lincoln
(Elected November 2, 1944,
Resigned May 5, 1960)
1958 Ed Carey William T. Patrick
(Resigned December 31, 1963)
Charles N. Youngblood
(Elected November 8, 1960)
1962 James H. Brickley
(Resigned January 15, 1967)
Anthony Wierzbicki Mel Ravitz
Phillip J. Van Antwerp
(Elected April 1, 1963)
Thomas L. Poindexter
(Elected November 3, 1964)
1966 Louis C. Miriani Nicholas Hood
Robert Tindal
(Elected November 5, 1968,
Died July 30, 1971)
Anthony J. Wierzbicki
(Elected November 5, 1968)
1970 Carl M. Levin David Eberhard Ernest C. Browne, Jr.
Erma Henderson
(Elected November 7, 1972)
1974 Clyde Cleveland Maryann Mahaffey Jack Kelley
1978 Kenneth Cockrel, Sr. Herbert McFaddend Jr.
(Died September 21, 1981)
1982 Mel Ravitz Barbara-Rose Collins
(Resigned 11/90)
John W. Peoples
1990 Gil Hill Keith Butler Kay Everett
1994 Alberta Tinsley-Talabi Nicholas Hood III Sheila Cockrel Brenda M. Scott
(Died September 2, 2002)
1998 Kenneth Cockrel, Jr.
2002 Sharon McPhail Barbara-Rose Collins Alonzo W. Bates
JoAnn Watson
(Elected April 29, 2003)
2006 Monica Conyers Kwame Kenyatta Martha Reeves Brenda Jones
2010 Charles Pugh Gary Brown Saunteel Jenkins Andre L. Spivey James Tate

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