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  • Deep (rapper), Punjabi rapper from Houston, Texas
  • The Deep (band), a short-lived band formed during the mid-1960s
  • Deep (album), a 1989 album by Peter Murphy
  • Deep (Silent Running album) (1989), from Belfast New Wave/rock band Silent Running
  • Deep – Teenagers from Outer Space, a 1997 album by Balzac
  • "Deep" (Pearl Jam song), a 1991 song by Pearl Jam on the album Ten
  • "Deep" (song), a 2001 promotional single by Nine Inch Nails
  • A song on Level II (Blackstreet album)
  • "Deep" (East 17 song), a 1993 Pop rap song by boy band East 17

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    His style is eminently colloquial, and no wonder it is strange to meet with in a book. It is not literary or classical; it has not the music of poetry, nor the pomp of philosophy, but the rhythms and cadences of conversation endlessly repeated.
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