Death To The Brutes

Death To The Brutes is the title of a historical anarchist poster that was originally printed in France in August 1943, during World War II . The poster was signed "International Revolutionary Syndicalist Federation (F.I.S.R.)". 150 copies of the poster were produced. The poster was referred to by Jean Rabaut in his best-selling Tout est possible!: Les gauchistes fran├žais 1929-1944 (Everything Is Possible: The French Leftists 1929-1944), in which he gave, according to, "a very distorted description of its contents, stating that it urged people to nail all "brutes" to doors, including those wearing the symbol of the "five-pointed star.""

The text of the poster illustrates well the militant pro-worker, cosmopolitan, anti-militarist and anti-government sentiments common to the anarcho-syndicalist movement.

Original copies of the poster are held by the C.I.R.A. Library, Centre Internationale de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme, avenue de Beaumont 24, CH-1012 Lausanne, Switzerland.

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