Dean Ween - Side Projects and Appearances

Side Projects and Appearances

Year Title Label
1993 En Esch - Cheesy TVT Records
1994 Moistboyz - Moistboyz I Grand Royal
1994 Moistboyz - O.G. Simpson X-Ploit Records
1995 Moistboyz - Second Hand Smoker Arson Records
1995 Kostars - Klassics With a 'K' Grand Royal
1996 Moistboyz - Moistboyz II Grand Royal
1996 Yoko Ono - Rising Mixes Capitol Records
1996 Ben Vaughn - Instrumental Stylings Bar None Records
1997 Z-Rock - Hawaii Nipp Guitar
1998 Hub - Hub Slash Records
1999 Ben - Wool Ben Chatrer
2001 Pigface - Preaching To The Perverted Invisible Records
2002 Moistboyz - Moistboyz III Ipecac Recordings
2002 Ben - I Am a Monster Ben Chatrer
2002 Rollins Band - Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three Sanctuary Records
2002 Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf Interscope Records
2003 Desert Sessions - Volumes 9 & 10 Ipecac Recordings/Rekords Rekords
2005 Moistboyz - Moistboyz IV Sanctuary Records
2005 Chris Harford - Looking Out For Number 6 Chocodog Records
2011 Ben - Bath Ben Chatrer

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