Dealer may refer to:

  • Antique dealer, someone who sells Antiques
  • Art dealer, gallerist, somebody (a person) or company that buys and sells (works of) art
  • Broker-dealer, a legal term for a business firm that buys and sells securities before selling the securities to customers
  • Car dealership
  • Croupier or poker dealer, the player who deals cards, or the employee of a gaming establishment who deals the cards
  • Dealer (band), an Austrian hard rock band
  • Dealer (franchising), a person who sells on behalf of a company or organization, particularly in the automobile industry
  • "Dealer", an alternative usage of the term trader, being generally someone who trades
  • “Dealer”, a song by Deep Purple from their 1975 album, Come Taste the Band
  • “Dealer”, a song by Traffic from their 1967 album, Mr. Fantasy
  • Dealers (film), a 1989 British film
  • Dealers (TV series), a reality television series where five art and antique dealers bid on items presented to them by their owners.
  • Drug dealer, someone who sells illegal drugs