dBm0 is an abbreviation for the power in dBm measured at a zero transmission level point.

dBm0 is a concept used (amongst other areas) in audio/telephony processing since it allows a smooth integration of analog and digital chains. Notably, for A-law and μ-law codecs the standards define a sequence which has a 0 dBm0 output.

Note 1: A consequence for the A-law and μ-law codecs of the 0 dBm0 definition is that they have a respective 3.14 dBm0 and 3.17 dBm0 maximum signal level (ratio between the maximum obtainable sine wave amplitude and the specified reference 0 dBm0 sine wave amplitude).

Note 2: 0 dBm0 is often replaced by or used instead of digital milliwatt or zero transmission level point.