Darby may refer to:

  • Darby (name), a given name and surname, including a list of people with the name, as well as those named D'Arby


  • Darby River, Victoria, Australia
  • Darby, Montana, a town
  • Darby Township, Madison County, Ohio
  • Darby Township, Pickaway County, Ohio
  • Darby Township, Union County, Ohio
  • Lake Darby, Ohio
  • Darby, Pennsylvania, a borough
    • Darby (SEPTA station)
  • Darby Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • Darby Creek (Pennsylvania)

Other uses:

  • Hurricane Darby (disambiguation)
  • USS Darby (DE-218), US Navy destroyer escort
  • Camp Darby, U.S. military camp in Italy
  • Darby, New Hampshire, a fictional town in a series of novels by Ernest Hebert
  • Darby Bible, a translation of the Holy Bible