Daddy is an affectionate, familiar term, form of direct address, or nickname for a father.

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Famous quotes containing the word daddy:

    I am absolutely sure that a lot of Daddy anger has more to do with unrealized dreams than with messy rooms. Trust me. You’re not really angry at your kids. You’re angry at somebody else, somebody who is a far less distinguished person than he dreamed of being.
    Hugh O’Neill (20th century)

    Who cares that he fell back to the sea?
    See him acclaiming the sun and come plunging down
    while his sensible daddy goes straight into town.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    He hangs in the hall by his black cravat,
    The ladies faint, and the children holler:
    Only my Daddy could look like that,
    And I love my Daddy like he loves his Dollar.
    William Jay Smith (b. 1918)