CWB may stand for:

  • Canadian Western Bank
  • Canadian Wheat Board
  • Canadian Welding Bureau
  • Causeway Bay in Hong Kong
  • Center for Wooden Boats, a non-profit organization
  • Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan
  • Clear Water Bay in Hong Kong
  • Computers Without Borders, a non-profit organization
  • Conductors Without Borders, an international musical-training effort
  • Counterproductive work behavior
  • Crunchy Western Boys
  • Crazy White Boy
  • CWB is the IATA airport code for Afonso Pena International Airport, Brazil
  • Cwb is one of three symbols for the Oceanic climate under the Köppen climate classification system, although generally limited to highland areas in the tropics
  • The Chocolate Watchband, a psychedelic 60s band