Curtin may refer to a University:

  • Curtin University, named after John Curtin

Curtin may refer to several people:

  • Andrew Gregg Curtin, former Governor of Pennsylvania
  • Brian Curtin, Irish judge
  • Charles Curtin (1890–1967), English footballer
  • Clyde A. Curtin, Korean War flying ace
  • Daniel Curtin, Australian politician
  • Hoyt Curtin, composer and music producer
  • Jane Curtin, American comedian and actress
  • Jeremiah Curtin, American folklorist and translator
  • Jim Curtin, American soccer player
  • John Curtin, Former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Kevin Curtin, New Zealand footballer
  • Matt Curtin, computer scientist
  • Phyllis Curtin, American soprano
  • Pike Curtin (1907–1997), Australian cricketer and economist
  • Valerie Curtin, American actress and writer
  • Willard S. Curtin, US Congressman from Pennsylvania

Curtin may also refer to several places:

  • Curtin, Australian Capital Territory, a suburb of Canberra
  • Curtin, Oregon
  • Curtin Township, Pennsylvania
  • Curtin, West Virginia (disambiguation)
    • Curtin, Nicholas County, West Virginia
    • Curtin, Webster County, West Virginia
  • RAAF Base Curtin, Derby, Western Australia

Curtin may also refer to several other topics:

  • the Division of Curtin, an Australian House of Representatives electorate
  • Curtin (2007 film), a made-for-TV movie