Cunningham is a surname of Scottish origin, see Clan Cunningham.

Notable people with the family name include:

  • Aaron Cunningham, American baseball player
  • Abe Cunningham, American drummer
  • Alan Cunningham, British World War II general
  • Alexander Cunningham (1814–1893), British archaeologist, father of the Archaeological Survey of India
  • Alexander Cunningham, 1st Earl of Glencairn (1426–1488), a Scottish nobleman
  • Alexander Cunningham, 5th Earl of Glencairn (died 1574), a Scottish nobleman and covenanter
  • Alfred Austell Cunningham, aviation pioneer
  • Allan Cunningham (disambiguation) or Allen Cunningham, several people
  • Andrew Cunningham, 1st Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope, British World War II admiral
  • Andrew Cunningham (disambiguation) or Andy Cunningham, several people
  • Bill Cunningham, American radio talk show host
  • Billy Cunningham, American basketball player and coach
  • Bob Cunningham (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Briggs Cunningham, American racing driver and team owner, sports car designer and manufacturer
  • Cal Cunningham, full name James Calvin Cunningham, III, (born 1973), Democratic state senator in North Carolina
  • Charles Cunningham, Royal Navy admiral
  • Chris Cunningham, British director and video artist
  • Colin Cunningham (swimmer), British swimmer
  • David Cunningham, several people
  • Ebenezer Cunningham, British mathematician
  • Edward Francis Cunningham, Scottish painter
  • Elaine Cunningham, American fantasy and science-fiction author
  • E. V. Cunningham, pseudonym of Howard Fast, an American writer
  • Glenn Cunningham (disambiguation), several people
  • Imogen Cunningham, American photographer
  • J. V. Cunningham, American poet
  • Jack Cunningham, British politician
  • James Cunningham (industrialist), manufacturer of carriages Rochester, N.Y. (+ 1886)
  • James Cunningham (director), New Zealand film director
  • James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn, Scottish peer and member of the Privy Council of Scotland
  • James Cunningham, 14th Earl of Glencairn, Scottish nobleman
  • James Cunningham (British Columbia politician) (1834–1925), former member of the Canadian House of Commons from British Columbia
  • James B. Cunningham, American diplomat, formerly the acting US ambassador to the UN
  • James Cunningham (Australian politician), Australian politician and President of the Senate
  • Jason D. Cunningham, USAF pararescue medic
  • Jeff Cunningham, American football player, currently competing for FC Dallas
  • Jim Cunningham (UK politician) (born 1941), Labour MP in the United Kingdom
  • Jim Cunningham (ice hockey) (born 1956), ice hockey player in the National Hockey League
  • Jim Cunningham (American football), former NFL running back for the Washington Redskins
  • Jimmy Cunningham, former return specialist and wide receiver in the Canadian Football League and the XFL
  • John Cunningham (English VC), East Yorkshire Regiment
  • John Cunningham (Irish VC), Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment
  • John Cunningham (RAF officer), Group Captain, RAF Night Fighter Ace
  • John Cunningham (Royal Navy officer), British Wold War II admiral; First Sea Lord
  • John W. Cunningham, author of Western novels and stories
  • Johnny Cunningham, (1957–2003) Scottish folk musician
  • Joseph Cunningham (industrialist), manufacturer of carriages and automobile pioneer, Rochester, N.Y.
  • Keiron Cunningham, British rugby league player
  • Kenny Cunningham, Irish footballer
  • Kristan Cunningham, American interior designer and television personality
  • Laurie Cunningham, English former footballer
  • Leland Cunningham, American astronomer and electronic computing authority
  • Merce Cunningham (1919–2009), American choreographer
  • Michael Cunningham, award-winning American novelist, author of The Hours
  • Michael A. Cunningham, Bagpiper, a member of Kyilindi Pipes & Drums
  • Owen Cunningham, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Patrick Cunningham (1878–1960), Irish politician
  • Phil Cunningham (folk musician), Scottish accordionist with the folk group Silly Wizard
  • Phil Cunningham (rock musician), English musician
  • Randy Duke Cunningham, U.S. Representative from California
  • Randall Cunningham, American football player
  • Redmond Cunningham Irish Royal Engineer awarded Military cross on D-Day
  • Robert Cunningham (disambiguation), any of several people
  • Scott Cunningham, writer
  • Tony Cunningham (footballer), Jamaican former footballer
  • Tom Cunningham, American Photographer
  • Walter Cunningham, astronaut
  • Wade Cunningham, New Zealand racing driver
  • Ward Cunningham, founder of the first wiki
  • William Cunningham, 4th Earl of Glencairn (c. 1490–1547), Scottish nobleman and intriguer

Famous quotes containing the word cunningham:

    While the hollow oak our palace is,
    Our heritage the sea.
    —Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)

    A wet sheet and a flowing sea,
    A wind that follows fast
    And fills the white and rustling sail
    And bends the gallant mast;
    —Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)

    Like an old brandy after a long rain,
    Distinguished, and familiar, and aloof.
    —James Vincent Cunningham (1911–1985)