Cubic Honeycomb - Uniform Colorings

Uniform Colorings

There is a large number of uniform colorings, derived from different symmetries. These include:

Coxeter notation
Space group
Coxeter-Dynkin diagram Schläfli symbol Partial
Colors by letters

{4,3,4} 1: aaaa/aaaa

{4,31,1} 2: abba/baab

t0,3{4,3,4} 4: abbc/bccd
{4,4}xt{∞} 2: aaaa/bbbb
t1{4,4}x{∞} 2: abba/abba
t{∞}xt{∞}x{∞} 4: abcd/abcd
t{∞}xt{∞}xt{∞} 8: abcd/efgh

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