Crown Point

Crown Point is the name of several towns or cities, and geographic features:

United States
  • Crown Point, Alaska
  • Crown Point, Indiana - Lake County
  • Crown Point, New York
    • Fort Crown Point, built in 1759 on Lake Champlain by the British
    • The Battle of Crown Point during the American Revolutionary War
  • Crown Point, Oregon (disambiguation), various places
  • Crown Point, Tobago, an area on the island of Tobago in Trinidad and Tobago
    • Crown Point Airport, the former name of the Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport that serves the island of Tobago
  • Norwich Crown Point, England
  • Crownpoint North Retail Park

Famous quotes containing the words crown and/or point:

    I often used to think myself in the case of the fox-hunter, who, when he had toiled and sweated all day in the chase as if some unheard-of blessing was to crown his success, finds at last all he has got by his labor is a stinking nauseous animal. But my condition was yet worse than his; for he leaves the loathsome wretch to be torn by his hounds, whilst I was obliged to fondle mine, and meanly pretend him to be the object of my love.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)

    Many women are surprised by the intensity of their maternal pull and the conflict it brings to their competing roles. This is the precise point at which many women feel the stress of the work/family dilemma most keenly. They realize that they may have a price to pay for wanting to be both professionals and mothers. They feel guilty for not being at work, and angry for being manipulated into feeling this guilt. . . . They don’t quite fit at home. They don’t quite fit at work.
    Deborah J. Swiss (20th century)