Cross Island Parkway

Cross Island Parkway, also known as the 100th Infantry Division Parkway, is a parkway within New York State. The parkway is a part of the Belt Parkway system that runs along the perimeter of the borough of Queens in New York City. The Cross Island Parkway runs 10.6 miles (17.1 km) from the Whitestone Expressway (Interstate 678 or I-678) in Whitestone past the Throgs Neck Bridge, along and across the border of Queens and Nassau County to meet up with the Southern State Parkway. The road is designated as New York State Route 907A (NY 907A), an unsigned reference route.

Being a part of the "Belt System", its exit numbering is a continuation of the Belt Parkway, with exit numbers increasing north. At exit 25A (Southern State Parkway), the Cross Island Parkway becomes the Belt Parkway (more specifically, the section once known as the Laurelton Parkway). Before its exits were renumbered to align with the Belt Parkway, they were numbered to co-align with the Southern State Parkway, which is why that parkway begins with exit 13 (the Cross Island Parkway was once exits 1 to 12).

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