There are a few people with the last name of Crabbe, Crabbé, or Crabb:

  • Allan Crabb, an Australian Rules Football player
  • Allen Crabbe, an American basketball player
  • Annabel Crabb, Australian journalist and author
  • Buster Crabbe, a famous athlete and actor in movie serials. Crabbe is the only actor who played Tarzan, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers — the top three comic strip heroes of the 1930s
  • Emmanuel Crabbé, IBM Fellow
  • George Crabbe, a famous British poet and naturalist
  • Jeremiah Crabb, a United States General during the Whiskey Rebellion and representative from Maryland.
  • John Crabb (admiral), a Rear Admiral of the Royal Australian Navy
  • John Crabbe, an English football (soccer) player
  • Lionel Crabb, a Royal Navy frogman, became (in)famous after an incident involving alleged espionage, resulting in his disappearance.

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Famous quotes containing the word crabbe:

    I sought the simple life that Nature yields;
    —George Crabbe (1754–1832)

    Our farmers round, well pleased with constant gain,
    Like other farmers, flourish and complain.
    —George Crabbe (1754–1832)

    Here dull and hopeless he’d lie down and trace
    How sidelong crabs had scrawled their crooked race;
    —George Crabbe (1754–1832)