Covenant of Primus - The Group

The Group

Hidden on the moon known as Protos, the Covenant-consisting of Leonicus, Aquator, Libras, Scorpius, Capricun, and several others, all based on the Greek Zodiac-waited. They had been created in preparation for a time when Unicron's evil would threaten all things, and when there would be no Autobot Matrix of Leadership to oppose him. They had one close call in the Earth year 2005, when Unicron attacked Cybertron. However, they were forced to wait again, as Unicron was brought down by Rodimus Prime.

For countless millennia they waited, watching as Cybertronian culture developed. At some unspecified point in time, they were met by the Chronarchitect, an ancient time traveler and kin to Primus and Unicron. He warned them of the coming Point Omega, and they began preparations. During this period, Scorpius disappeared, secretly travelling to Cybertron and taking up the identity Sandstorm, leader of the Maximal-Predacon resistance to the evil Shokaract. Sandstorm took several steps to prepare for Point Omega, which he knew was related to his efforts: in ancient Cybertronian, Point Omega translates into Shokaract, and the evil monarch carried the Dark Essence of Unicron within him.

Finally, after their long solace, the Covenant engaged in Point Omega. Taking place on prehistoric Earth, the battle was indeed against Shokaract, seeking to preserve his timeline by preventing Unicron's essence from seeping back into the timestream as it was in danger of doing. Assisted by Optimus Primal's crew of Maximals, the Wrecker Apelinq, the hybrid Windrazor, and the legends of Cybertron, the Covenant fought against their nemesis. Unfortunately, the battle was grossly one-sided, as Shokaract's power made it impossible for the assembled forces to defeat him.

Scorpius, realizing what had to be done, moved in on Shokaract. The evil Transformer did not attack him, as Scorpius had evidently masqueraded as one of Shokaract's Heralds. However, the illusion was shattered as Scorpius struck Shokaract with his essence, the pure energy from Primus' own life force. Shokaract's protective cloak of dark energy was broken, and in his fury he destroyed Scorpius. The brave warrior's sacrifice was not in vain, as the rest of the Covenant pooled their energies to access the Decepticon Matrix of Conquest, which carried Unicron's energy. Forming an entity duplicate of Primus, they engaged a similar duplicate of Unicron.

The remaining combatants, seeing their opportunity, fired upon Shokaract. The massive Predacon fell under the firepower of countless Cybertronians, including such legendary figures as Megatron and Optimus Prime. Meanwhile, the Covenant shattered the link between Shokaract's Dark Essence and the one he sought to keep from slipping into the timestream, causing the latter to disappear. Shokaract's corrupted timeline was erased, and the Covenant vanished, their purpose fulfilled.

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