Cort is the name of several people:

  • Cornelis Cort (1536–1578), Dutch engraver
  • Henry Cort (1740–1800), English ironmaster
  • Frans de Cort (1834–1878), Flemish writer
  • John Cort (impresario) (1861–1929), American impresario
  • John Cort (1913–2006), longtime Christian socialist writer and activist
  • Bud Cort (born 1948), American actor
  • Barry Cort (born 1956), American baseball player
  • Carl Cort (born 1977), English footballer
  • Leon Cort (born 1979), English footballer
  • Liam Cort (born 1989), English basketball player

Cort can also refer to:

  • CORT (Cortistatin), human gene
  • Cortisol, hormone commonly abbreviated as cort
  • Cortinarius, a genus of mushrooms
  • Cort Guitars, guitar manufacturer based in South Korea
  • Cort v. Ash, 1975 case in the United States Supreme Court
  • Cort, a fictional character in the Stephen King Universe.

Famous quotes containing the word cort:

    You are to the Nineties what lava lamps were to the Seventies.
    Robert Altman, U.S. director, screenwriter, and Barbara Shulgasser. Cort Romney (Richard E. Grant)