COPA may stand for:

  • Choice of Plausible Alternatives, a natural language processing task to select the alternative that is more plausibly the cause (or effect) of the situation described by the premise
  • Child Online Protection Act, a former U.S. law to protect minors from certain material on the internet
    • Not to be confused with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) or COPA's predecessor legislation, the Communications Decency Act (CDA)
  • Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
  • Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association, an aircraft type club
  • Parliamentary Conference of the Americas
  • COPA (gene), a human gene that encodes the coatomer subunit alpha protecin
  • Control of Pollution Act, 1974
  • COntrolling Profitability Analysis, Profitability Analysis (SAP)
  • Canadian Office Products Association
  • Coalition On Political Assassinations
  • Cancer Outlier Profile Analysis

Copa may refer to:

  • Copa Airlines, an international airline based in Panama
  • Copa America, the main association football competition of the South American men's national football teams
  • Copa (genus), a genus of spiders in the Corinnidae family
  • Copolyamide, a type of thermoplastic elastomer
  • Copacabana (nightclub), a nightclub in New York City
  • Copa (dance move), a standard move in Salsa and Mambo dancing (named after the Copacabana (nightclub))
  • CoPa, a short-lived nickname for Comerica Park in Detroit
  • Boubacar Barry, Ivorian footballer