Consulting is providing opinion, advice, counsel and to deliberate together; Specific types of consulting include:

  • Professional Engineering Various Disciplines
  • Management consulting
  • Medical practice consulting cf. Medical consulting
  • Biotechnology consulting
  • Environmental consulting
  • Faculty consulting
  • Franchise consulting
  • Human resource consulting
  • Information consulting
  • Information technology consulting
  • Performance consulting
  • Political consulting
  • Supply chain consulting
  • Trial consulting

Famous quotes containing the word consulting:

    I was not at all worried about finding my doctor boring; I expected from him, thanks to an art of which the laws escaped me, that he pronounce concerning my health an indisputable oracle by consulting my entrails.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    The people shall not be restrained from peacefully assembling and consulting for their common good, nor from applying to the legislature by petitions, or remonstrances for redress of their grievances.
    James Madison (1751–1836)

    Although those notes, in conformity with custom, come after the poem, the reader is advised to consult them first and then study the poem with their help, rereading them of course as he goes through its text, and perhaps after having done with the poem consulting them a third time so as to complete the picture.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)