Connector may refer to:

  • Electrical connector, a device for joining electrical circuits together
    • Audio and video connector
    • Gender of connectors and fasteners
    • Power connector
    • RF connector
    • FAKRA connector, a connector that complies with the FAKRA German Automotive Standard (FAchKReis Automobil). Used in many US and German cars.
    • MIL-STD-1553
    • Circular connector
    • Cigar lighter receptacle
    • Blind mate connector
  • Connector (computer science), a pointer or link between two data structures.
  • Java EE Connector Architecture, a Java-based technology solution for connecting application servers and Enterprise Information Systems
  • Connector (mathematics), a mathematical mapping
  • Connector (social), people with wide social circles. They are the "hubs" of the human social network and responsible for the small world phenomenon.
  • Connector (road), a highway or freeway road which connects to another highway or freeway.
  • Connectors are some words used in English grammar.