Computer-aided Engineering - CAE Fields and Phases

CAE Fields and Phases

CAE areas covered include:

  • Stress analysis on components and assemblies using FEA (Finite Element Analysis);
  • Thermal and fluid flow analysis Computational fluid dynamics (CFD);
  • Multibody dynamics(MBD) & Kinematics;
  • Analysis tools for process simulation for operations such as casting, molding, and die press forming.
  • Optimization of the product or process.
  • Safety analysis of postulate loss-of-coolant accident in nuclear reactor using realistic thermal-hydraulics code.

In general, there are three phases in any computer-aided engineering task:

  • Pre-processing – defining the model and environmental factors to be applied to it. (typically a finite element model, but facet, voxel and thin sheet methods are also used)
  • Analysis solver (usually performed on high powered computers)
  • Post-processing of results (using visualization tools)

This cycle is iterated, often many times, either manually or with the use of commercial optimization software.

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