Comparison of Image Viewers - General Information

General Information

Name View functions Other functions 3 Price
ACDSee Thumbnails (user-defined sizes), fullscreen, slideshow, zoom, fit, view Exif info, view inside ZIP archives, ... Resize, crop, rotate, flip, JPEG lossless rotate/mirror, adjust exposure and colors etc., filters (sharpen, blur, average, emboss, ...), red eye removal, batch rename, edit Exif info, ... std: 69.99 USD
pro: 169.99 USD
Adobe Bridge Thumbnails, slideshow, filmstrip, preview, versions with alternates Stand Alone: rotate, rename, delete, move, copy, batch rename, add/Edit Metadata, camera raw image adjustments (crop, resize, exposure, contrast, white balance, curves, etc...)

Via Photoshop: contact sheet, merge to HDR, PDF presentation, Photomerge, Web picture gallery

Included with various Adobe products 1
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom library organization, RAW and JPEG editing, slideshow tools, print layout and preferences, web gallery creation and uploading 299 USD
Aperture Add view functions here Add edit functions here 79 USD
AZImage preview support for most common and raw graphic formats, conversion, scale, rotate, batch mode, upload to Facebook and Google Picasa 18 USD (15 days trial)
blueMarine Import, tag, organise. JPEG, TIFF, RAW formats. None presently Apache License 2.0
CDisplay Fit to window, zoom, print, full-screen, slideshow, image collection, image information... Rotate, flip, save as, used for reading manga. freeware
Comix Fit to window, zoom, rotate, full-screen, image collection, image information... manga mode, double page view free (GNU GPL)
digiKam Fit to window, zoom, pan, Light Table, Slideshow+Effects, OpenGL viewer Rotate, crop, vertical/horizontal flip, lossless JPEG operations (90° steps), color management, 16bit color depth, Light Table, Exif, IPTC, XMP, GPS metadata, adjust colors/brightness/levels, elaborate Black and White conversion, automatic lens correction, anti-vignetting, sharpening tools, vibrance, many filters, Batch operations, export to archive, HTML, flickr, gallery2, picasaweb, smugmug, iPod, facebook, 23hq, flash. free (GNU GPL)
Eye of GNOME Fit to window, zoom, print, full-screen, slideshow, image collection, image information... Rotate, delete, flip, save as free (GNU GPL)
EyeBrowse Fit to window, zoom, file tree, file selector, print with print preview, keyboard control, hotkeys, screen captures... Image manipulation (blur, resize, crop, sharpen, rotate, negative, vertical/horizontal flip, grayscale, brightness & contrast), batch file management, undo/redo actions 0/20 USD
FastPictureViewer Borderless full-screen kiosk mode, Fit-to-window, 1:1, 50%-6400% magnifier, Multicore-aware, DirectX hardware accelerated. No image editing. File renaming. Single-click background copy/move to preset location, single-click rating/labeling (writes Adobe XMP sidecar files and/or embeds XMP metadata within JPEG/TIFF/HD Photo/JPEG XR), Windows Vista rating, Color management including custom target profile selection, Unicode support, Exif shooting data (shutter speed, f-stop, ISO speed, exposure compensation...) and real-time, seamless R,G,B histogram in translucent floating window. IPTC metadata editor in the registered version. free limited version, 39.95 USD for Professional edition
FastStone Image Viewer Thumbnails (5 predefined sizes), fullscreen, slideshow, Exif, etc. Rotate, move, rename, 150+ transitional effects, lossless JPEG transitions, drop shadow effects, scanner support, histogram, ... Free for personal and educational (including non-profit organization) use. For commercial use, it is required to register. 34.95 USD
Firehand Ember 60 USD
F-Spot Full-screen, slideshow, zoom, multiple sizes of thumbnails. Export: HTML, Flickr, Gallery Project, Picasa, Facebook (via extension) and O.r.i.g.i.n.a.l Tags, rotate in single degree increments, hue, contrast, white balance, colour, sharpen, soft focus, crop, auto red-eye reduction free (GNU GPL). Files stored at /user/Pictures/Photos///
Fotoxx Full-screen, slideshow, zoom, multiple sizes of thumbnails. Tags, rotate in 10, 1 and 0.1 degree increments, hue, contrast, white balance, colour, sharpen, soft focus, horizontal and vertical flip, crop, auto red-eye reduction, keystone correction, bend, and warp free (GNU GPL).
Geeqie Full-screen, slideshow, zoom, color spectrum, 14 sizes of thumbnails Rotate, move, rename, hue, contrast, find/remove duplicates free (GNU GPL)
GraphicConverter Full-screen, slideshow, etc. Rotate, move, rename... 35 USD
gThumb Full-screen, slideshow, zoom, color spectrum, three sizes of thumbnails Rotate, move, rename, hue, contrast, free (GNU GPL)
Gwenview fullscreen, slideshow, zoom, rotate, adjust gamma/contrast/brightness, disk navigator, file tree, thumbnails, extended thumbnails, bookmarks... add border, filter, effects, resize, rename, raw image converter, recompress, edit color... free (GNU GPL)
ImageAXS Unicode Organizing photos, importing image files, tracking features, as well as tags and collections for further sorting. cost-free (Freeware). Out of support
Imagine Fullscreen, Slideshow, Zoom, Rotate, Thumbnails Resize, Rename, Greyscale, Negative, Swap colors, Filters (blur, edge, emboss, gaussian, sharpen, soften, viewer plugin for Total Commander and Double Commander ) cost-free (Freeware without any limitation )
IMatch Unicode Maintains and external database for thumbnails and tags. Capable for very large collections. 59.95 USD
imgSeek Search similar images, Fullscreen, slideshow, zoom, thumbnails, disk navigator tree, tag treeview. Export: HTML Rotate, move, rename, hue, contrast, etc. free (GNU GPL)
iPhoto Thumbnails, fullscreen, slideshow, camera information, search, tags, organize by event or album, auto organize by date during first import Lossless JPEG rotate, Cropping (custom and template), Brightness/Contrast, Red-eye, Retouch, Color Enhancement, B&W and Sepia Conversion, Export to multiple format & size – 2
IrfanView Thumbnails (18 pre-defined sizes from 50×50–800×800 pixels), fullscreen, slideshow, zoom, fit (several options), view IPTC and Exif info, hex view, histogram (also RGB); Format detection with offer to rename, set wallpaper, EXE/SCR creation, Burn slideshow to CD; directory tree

32 languages (version 4.28/4.30)

Add Text, Crop, Cut/Copy selected area, Paste-Into selected area, paste from PrintScreen, Resize/Resample, Rotate, Flip Vert/Horiz, JPEG lossless transformations, Color Adjustments, change color depth, Greyscale, Red-Eye Reduction, Sharpen, effects/filters, Own and 8bf (Photoshop) plugins compatibility, insert text, edit IPTC info, Move, Copy, Delete, Rename, Convert, batch conversion, batch renaming/resizing/cropping, panorama creation, send email

via IrfanView Thumbnails/Plugins: contact sheet creation, thumbnail creation, web gallery creation, face detection

For personal, educational use (schools, universities and libraries) and for use in charity or humanitarian organisations: cost-free (freeware).
At place of business or for commercial purposes: 12.00 USD or 10 EUR.
Konvertor Thumbnails (pre-defined and user defined), 3100+ formats read. Rotate, move, rename, 250 special effects... 6 languages (version 4.06) 30 USD
KSquirrel disk navigator, file tree, thumbnails, bookmarks, fullscreen, KIPI plugins ... resize, rotate, colorize, convert, print ... free (GNU GPL)
KPhotoAlbum Zoom, Rotate, Metadata, Exif, thumbnails (customize size), slideshow, Categories As Available per KIPI plugins free (GNU GPL)
Lphoto Zoom, Slideshow, camera information, Crop, redeye, color tweaking, auto attach and resize for email, export to HTML, export to CD free (GNU GPL)
Phase One Media Pro Thumbnails, Slideshow, Zoom, Print, Light Table, Library organization, best practice DAM Rotate, rename, delete, batch rename, Add/Edit Metadata (IPTC, EXIF, Custom), Free Reader App to distribute catalogs EUR 139,00
Paint.NET Thumbnail, Zoom, Rotation, Multiple Page support, Pan, Fit to screen Resize, Crop, Copy, Paste, Black and white/sepia, various blurs, add and reduce noise, Plugin Support Free (Creative Commons Non commercial CC-BY-NC)
Picasa Zoom, lossless rotate, histogram, camera information, Thumbnails (fully adjustable), Slide Show (Full Screen w/zoom), Magnifier, Search, Search for faces Crop, straighten, redeye, color tweaking, retouch, tuning, add text, numerous effects, batch edit, batch rename, video rendering, HTML gallery creation, photo browser application creator, screensaver, face recognition, keyword tagging, geo-tagging, photo collage, original file preservation, reorganize storage cost-free
Preview Zoom, rotate, metadata Crop, straighten, color tweaking, profile assignment cost-free
Roboreader Zoom, rotate cost-free
Shotwell Thumbnails, Fullscreen, Slideshow, Zoom, Print, Camera Information, Events Auto Enhance, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Red Eye, Crop, Exposure, Saturation, Tint, Temperature, Shadows, Revert to Original, Rename, Change Time/Date, Publish to Facebook, Picasa Web Albums, Flickr Free GNU Lesser General Public License
ShowImg fullscreen, slideshow, filters, search for similar images Batch rename, convert filetype free (GNU GPL)
Simple Comic slideshow, double image layout, left-to-right & right-to-left ordering, thumbnail navigation, zoom, print Quick Look for comic book archives, Finder icons, text notes, delete files, extract files Free (MIT License)
SIV zoom, pan, slideshow, brightnes/contrast/gamma adjustments, filters, displays MPO and JPS stereo images stereoscopic image viewer, VR920 headtracking, quad buffered stereo Free (Creative Commons Non commercial CC-BY-NC)
SView5 fullscreen, fit to window, zoom, scan, print, etc. - in 8-64 bit with and without alpha channel rotate, brightness, contrast, gamma setting, etc. free for non-commercial
STDU Viewer fullscreen, fit to window, zoom, print rotate, brightness, contrast, gamma setting free for non-commercial
Windows Live Photo Gallery fullscreen, slideshow, fit, zoom, print Panorama stitching, adjust brightness, contrast, color saturation/hue, filters, stitching, rotate, straightening and skew, face recognition. cost-free
Windows Photo Gallery fullscreen, slideshow, fit, zoom, print – (included with Windows Vista)
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer fullscreen, slideshow, fit, zoom, print rotate, lossy JPEG rotate, annotate TIFF images – (included with Windows XP)
XnView Thumbnails (user-defined sizes), fullscreen, slideshow, zoom, fit, view IPTC and Exif info, ... Resize, crop, rotate, flip, JPEG lossless rotate/flip/crop, adjust exposure and colors etc., filters (sharpen, blur, average, emboss, ...), batch convert, batch rename, edit IPTC info, ... freeware for private non-commercial or educational use, including non-profit organization (i.e. schools, universities, public authorities, police, fire brigade, and hospitals); otherwise 26 EUR.
Xv View as ASCII or Hex, magnify, determine pixel values Crop, pad, resize, rotate, flip, brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, hue, colormap, reduce colors, dither, convert, and more 35 USD
Zoner Photo Studio Thumbnails (user-defined sizes), fullscreen, histogram, slideshow with transitional effects, auto rotation, JPEG lossless rotate, pan, zoom, fit, ITPC and Exif info, GPS support, full Unicode support, free version does not support color profiles... Resize, crop, rotate, flip, JPEG lossless rotate/mirror, adjust exposure, colors, contrast, saturation, hue, white balance, levels, curves, gamma correction, filters (sharpen, blur, soften, edge, emboss, average, grayscale, ...), .8bf (Photoshop) plugins compatibility, color management, batch operations, image conversions with reduced/dithered colors, batch rename, red eye removal, edit ITPC, XMP and Exif info, time creation offset, merge to HDR, PDF presentation, panorama creation, lens correction, anti-vignetting, web picture gallery, DNG/RAW image converter, TWAIN scanners support, send pictures via e-mail, 3D pictures, dynamic calendar generation, support for WIC codecs (RAW processing)... Free: for personal non-commercial use
Home: 49.99 USD
Pro: 99.99 USD
Name View functions Other functions Price

Note 1: Adobe Bridge comes included in the price with the Adobe Creative Suite CS2, Adobe Production Studio and Photoshop Elements 4 for Mac OS X. Adobe Bridge cannot be purchased separately, but Photoshop Elements is available from Adobe Systems for 70 USD, and Photoshop is available for 400 USD.

Note 2: The latest version of iPhoto comes included with every new Mac PC. iPhoto cannot be purchased separately, but is part of the iLife suite which is available from Apple for 10.49 GBP.

Note 3: See also Comparison of raster graphics editors.

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