Companion may refer to:

  • A friend or acquaintance you associate yourself with
  • Companion (caregiving), a nurse assistant or similar professional who assists a patient one-on-one
  • Companion (ship), an architectural feature of ships
  • Companion animal, a pet animal kept for companionship
  • Companion parrot, a pet parrot that interacts with its owner
  • Companion matrix, a matrix with a specific relation to its characteristic polynomial p
  • Companion star, a star in a binary star system
  • Companion weapon, an object held in the non-sword hand while fencing
  • Muhammad's companions, the Sahaba
  • Companion cavalry, Alexander the Great's elite cavalry
  • Foot Companion, the primary type of soldier in Alexander the Great's army
  • Lady's companion, a genteel woman who acted as a companion for woman of rank or wealth
  • Sober companion, an addiction treatment coach
  • Companion planting, planting of different crops in close physical proximity
  • A handbook or guide book or compendium e.g. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion or The Oxford Companion to Music
  • A member of a Holy Royal Arch chapter
  • A domestic partner
  • A concubine
  • An intelligent conversational agent as in the Companions Project
  • An companion in the Islamic religion: Sahabah

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Famous quotes containing the word companion:

    Now I thought I would observe how he spent his Sunday. While I and my companion were looking about at the trees and river, he went to sleep. Indeed, he improved every opportunity to get a nap, whatever the day.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    I have found it a singular luxury to talk across the pond to a companion on the opposite side.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)