Colonial Tavern

The Colonial Tavern was one of the most famous jazz venues in Canada from the 1950s till its closure in the late 1970s. It was located at 201 -203 Yonge Street in Toronto (now an open lot between 199 Yonge Street and 205 Yonge Street) where a historic plaque (now removed) remembered this key jazz venue. The Colonial Tavern was owned and managed by brothers-in-law Mike (Myer) G. Lawrence, Goodwin (Goody) and Harvey Lichtenberg. 197-199 Yonge Street (the former Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce building) and 201 - 203 Yonge Street were purchased by Sal Parasuco of Montreal, Quebec, who planned to erect a hotel. The properties were sold to MOD Developments of Toronto in January of 2012.

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