Colonial or The Colonial may refer to:

  • Colonial, of, relating to, or characteristic of a colony
  • Colonial history of the United States, the period of American history from the 17th century to 1776, under the rule of Great Britain, France and Spain
  • Spanish colonization of the Americas, the period of history of Spanish rule over most of the Americas, from the 15th century through the late 19th century
  • Colonialism, the extension of political control to new areas
  • Colonial troops, any of various military units recruited from, or used as garrison troops in, colonial territories
  • George Washington Colonials, the nickname for the athletic teams of George Washington University, Washington, DC.

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Famous quotes containing the word colonial:

    Are you there, Africa with the bulging chest and oblong thigh? Sulking Africa, wrought of iron, in the fire, Africa of the millions of royal slaves, deported Africa, drifting continent, are you there? Slowly you vanish, you withdraw into the past, into the tales of castaways, colonial museums, the works of scholars.
    Jean Genet (1910–1986)

    The North will at least preserve your flesh for you; Northerners are pale for good and all. There’s very little difference between a dead Swede and a young man who’s had a bad night. But the Colonial is full of maggots the day after he gets off the boat.
    Louis-Ferdinand Céline (1894–1961)

    In colonial America, the father was the primary parent. . . . Over the past two hundred years, each generation of fathers has had less authority than the last. . . . Masculinity ceased to be defined in terms of domestic involvement, skills at fathering and husbanding, but began to be defined in terms of making money. Men had to leave home to work. They stopped doing all the things they used to do.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)