Cockcroft or Cockroft is a surname. Notable people with the surname include::


  • Sir John Douglas Cockcroft (1897–1967), British nuclear physicist
  • Colin Cockcroft (1918–1987), South African military commander
  • Barry Cockcroft (1933–2001), British television documentary director
  • Barry Cockcroft (dentist), Chief Dental Officer (CDO) for England
  • George Cockcroft (born 1932), U.S. novelist who published under the name "Luke Rhinehart"
  • John Hoyle Cockcroft (born 1934), British Conservative politician
  • The Cockcroft Institute, a UK research centre for accelerator physics named after Sir John D. Cockcroft
  • Cockcroft, a lunar crater named after Sir John D. Cockcroft
  • William Cockcroft


  • Don Cockroft American football player
  • Hannah Cockroft (born 1992), British athlete, won Paralympics gold medal
  • Lana Coc-Kroft New Zealand television personality
  • Peter Cockroft British weather forecaster
  • Joe Cockroft English footballer
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