Coaster or Coasters may refer to:

  • A beverage coaster on which to rest glasses of beverage
  • Coaster (San Diego), a regional rail service in San Diego County, California
  • Coaster (album), by punk rock band NOFX
  • The Coasters, an American doo-wop band
  • Toyota Coaster, a minibus
  • Coaster, slang for an optical disc that is considered worthless due to manufacturing or content quality
  • Coaster brake, a type of bicycle brake
  • Coaster Step, a dance step
  • Roller coaster, an amusement ride
  • Coastal trading vessel, a ship used for trade between locations on a coastline
  • Coaster trout, brook trout found in Lake Superior
  • Demonym for people from the West Coast Region of New Zealand
  • Coaster, a 2000 album by The Bobs

Famous quotes containing the word coaster:

    Dirty British coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack
    John Masefield (1878–1967)