Clemson may refer to:

  • Clemson, South Carolina, a town in the United States.
  • Clemson University, a university in that town.
  • Clemson class destroyer, a U.S. Navy ship class during World War II
  • USS Clemson, any of several U.S. Navy ships by that name

May also refer to people with the surname Clemson:

  • Anna Maria Calhoun Clemson, was the daughter of John C. Calhoun and the wife of Thomas Green Clemson.
  • Floride Clemson, is the daughter of Thomas Green Clemson, and the granddaughter of John C. Calhoun.
  • Henry A. Clemson, was an officer in the United States Navy in the early 19th century.
  • Jeanne Clemson, was an American artistic director, theater director, actress, educator and preservationist.
  • Thomas Green Clemson, was an American politician and statesman, and founder of Clemson University.