China–Japan–South Korea Trilateral Summit - Summits - Leader Summits at EAS

Leader Summits At EAS

Summit Host Country Host City Date
1st Philippines Manila 29 November 1999
2nd Singapore Singapore 24 November 2000
3rd Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan 5 November 2001
4th Cambodia Phnom Penh 4 November 2002
5th Indonesia Bali 7 October 2003
6th Laos Vientiane 29 November 2004
7th Philippines Cebu 14 January 2007
8th Singapore Singapore 20 November 2007
9th Thailand Pattaya 11 April 2009
10th Vietnam Hanoi 29 October 2010
11th Indonesia Bali 19 November 2011

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