Chicopee is a word originating in the Algonquian languages of eastern North America, meaning "violent waters". It may also refer to:

Place names

In the United States:

  • Chicopee, Georgia, a village that is part of the city of Gainesville.
  • Chicopee, Kansas
  • Chicopee, Massachusetts
  • Chicopee River, Massachusetts
    • Chicopee Valley Aqueduct
    • Chicopee Falls Dam
  • Chicopee, Missouri
  • USS Chicopee (1863), a Civil War era vessel
  • Chicopee class oiler, a modern class of vessels
    • USS Chicopee (AO-34)
  • Chicopee (brig), built in Medford, MA, 1845
Other uses
  • Chicopee Ski Club, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada