Chicago Central Area Transit Plan

The Chicago Central Area Transit Plan, or generally referred to as the Chicago Central Area Transit Project (CCATP) in the 1970s, was an extensive study of the rapid transit system in downtown Chicago; the study had begun in 1965.

In April 1968, the completed study resulted in a three-volume report that proposed a series of recommendations for redeveloping and expanding Central Area communities, and for the replacement of The Loop elevated rapid transit system with a new Loop Subway under Randolph, Franklin, Van Buren, and Wabash, and a new Distributor Subway system in downtown Chicago (see Chicago 'L').

Volume 1 of the three-volume report presented proposals resulting from the study as well as analyses of the various background reports that influenced such proposals. Also included were estimates of usage of the new subway system along with projections of probable economic and social benefits. Aesthethic considerations, construction scheduling and cost estimated were presented.

Volume 2 included detailed preliminary plans, architectural, and engineering drawings which were to be the basis for construction contracts for the proposed Loop and Distributor Subway systems.

Volume 3 detailed supplemental data gathered during the study phases.

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