The chest (Greek: θώραξ, Latin: thorax) is a part of the anatomy of humans and various other animals. It is sometimes referred to as the thorax or the bosom.

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Famous quotes containing the word chest:

    It was obvious that the size of your chest was in direct proportion to the size of your salary.
    Cynthia Hess, U.S. exotic dancer. As quoted in Newsweek magazine, p. 19 (April 25, 1994)

    Gratitude is a fickle thing, indeed. A person taking aim presses the weapon to his chest and cheek, but when he hits, he discards it with indifference.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)

    Are you there, Africa with the bulging chest and oblong thigh? Sulking Africa, wrought of iron, in the fire, Africa of the millions of royal slaves, deported Africa, drifting continent, are you there? Slowly you vanish, you withdraw into the past, into the tales of castaways, colonial museums, the works of scholars.
    Jean Genet (1910–1986)