CDP - Other


  • Cajun Dance Party, an English 5-piece indie band
  • California Democratic Party, the local branch of the Democratic Party in the State of California
  • Carbon Disclosure Project, a UK organisation that publishes carbon emissions of corporations
  • Chef de Partie, a "station chef" or "line cook", is in charge of a particular area of production
  • Christian Democratic Party, a political party in various countries
  • Collett Dickenson Pearce, a British advertising agency
  • Custom Defense Package, a Kimber Manufacturing pistol platform
  • Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence (Congregatio Divinae Providentiae), a catholic religious order that was founded in 1851 in Germany
  • Congress for Democracy and Progress, a political party of Burkina Faso
  • Cytidine diphosphate, a nucleotide
  • Chlordiazepoxide (CDP), a sedative drug

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