CDK may refer to:

  • The IATA airport code for George T. Lewis Airport, Cedar Key, Florida, United States.
  • CDK Systems Ltd, (formerly CDK Electronics) a specialist in refrigeration control and monitoring system.
  • CalmDownKidder Records, a netlabel specialising in chiptune music
  • Centre for the Study of Democracy and Culture, a Czech think-tank
  • Chemistry Development Kit, an open source chemical expert system for Chemoinformatics and Bioinformatics, written in Java
  • Chung Do Kwan, founded in 1944, the first of nine schools teaching what came to be known as Taekwondo
  • Complete knock down, a production technique, often used in automotive industry
  • Curses Development Kit, one of two open source distributions of the Curses widgets library
  • Cyclin-dependent kinase, a major class of enzymes involved in the regulation of the cell cycle
  • Content Development Kit, packages for allowing content providers to develop applications on a certain platform
  • Chronic kidney disease, a progressive loss of renal function of the kidney.