Catholic League

Catholic League may refer to:

  • Catholic League (French), created by Henry of Guise, in 1576 during the French Wars of Religion
  • Catholic League (German), a confederation of Catholic German states formed to counteract the Protestant Union
  • Catholic League (U.S.), a Roman Catholic advocacy and civil rights organization in the United States
  • Catholic League (England), an organisation to promote reunion of the Church of England and the Holy See

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Famous quotes containing the words catholic and/or league:

    The Catholic Church has never really come to terms with women. What I object to is being treated either as Madonnas or Mary Magdalenes.
    Shirley Williams (b. 1930)

    Stereotypes fall in the face of humanity. You toodle along, thinking that all gay men wear leather after dark and should never, ever be permitted around a Little League field. And then one day your best friend from college, the one your kids adore, comes out to you.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)