Cassette may refer to:

  • In general, a small Cartridge. It may refer specifically to:
    • Compact Cassette, a worldwide standard for analog audio recording and playback, also known as audio cassette, cassette tape, or tape
    • Digital Audio Tape (or DAT), a digital audio cassette tape format, mainly used by professionals
    • Digital Compact Cassette (or DCC), a short-lived digital audio cassette format aimed at domestic users
    • Videocassette, a cassette containing videotape, for use in VCRs
    • Data cassette, magnetic tape in plastic housing
  • Album (Public Image Ltd album), a 1986 Public Image Ltd album called "Cassette" on certain editions
  • Cassette, a set of multiple sprockets on a bicycle
  • Cassette (New Zealand band), a band from New Zealand
  • Cassette (South African band), a band from South Africa. They won the South African Music Award (SAMA) for best rock album 2007
  • Gene cassette, certain vectors that are normally used to confer a selectable marker on an organism