Cartwright is the occupation of making and repairing carts (a wainwright). It can also refer to:


  • Edmund Cartwright, English clergyman and inventor of the power loom.
  • John Robert Cartwright, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada (1967-1970).
  • Justin Cartwright, British Novelist, born 1945.
  • George Cartwright (trader) (1739–1819), British trader and explorer of Labrador
  • George Cartwright (VC) (1894–1978), Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • George Cartwright (musician), American musician, band-leader, founder of jazz-rock band Curlew
  • Hilton Cartwright (born 1992), Zimbabwean-Australian cricketer

In places:

  • Cartwright, Manitoba, Canada
  • Cartwright, New South Wales, Australia
  • Cartwright, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  • Cartwright, North Dakota, United States
  • Cartwright, Oklahoma, United States
  • Cartwright Sound, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada

In medicine:

  • Cartwright (transfusion), a blood antigen system

In other uses:

  • Cartwright Airport, an airport in Cartwright, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  • Cartwright Hall, an art gallery in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
  • Cartwright High School, in Blackstock, Ontario
  • Cartwright Inquiry, an investigation into medical malpractive in New Zealand
  • Cartwright Point, Ontario, a neighbourhood of Kingston, Ontario Canada
  • Cartwright (surname)

Famous quotes containing the word cartwright:

    There are two births: the one when light
    First strikes the new awakened sense;
    The other when two souls unite,
    And we must count our life from thence,
    When you loved me and I loved you,
    Then both of us were born anew.
    —William Cartwright (1611–1643)

    I’m a Nova Scotia bluenose. Since I was a baby, I’ve been watching men look at ships. It’s easy to tell the ones they like. You’re only waiting to get her into deep water, aren’t you—because she’s yours.
    John Rhodes Sturdy, Canadian screenwriter. Richard Rossen. Joyce Cartwright (Ella Raines)