Carsten Herrmann-Pillath - Important Works

Important Works

  • Diversity, Identity and the Indeterminacy of the Size of Nations. A Critique of the Alesina School from the Viewpoint of Evolutionary Political Economy, (forthcoming, European Journal of Law and Economics, 2008). SSRN-link.
  • Identity Economics and the Creative Economy, Old and New, Cultural Science Vol. 1(1), SSRN-link
  • Deducing Principles of Economics From Ontological Constraints on Information, Invited paper presented at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Association for Evolutionary Economics, Clarence Ayres Visiting Scholar, in: Journal of Economic Issues XLII(2), 2008: 317-325.
  • International Market Access Rights and the Evolution of the International Trade System, in: Journal of Theoretical and Institutional Economics, 164(2), 2008, 302—326
  • Deliberative Trade Policy, in: Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, 3(2), 2007, 209-238
  • Reciprocity and the Hidden Constitution of World Trade, in: Constitutional Political Economy 17(3), 2006, 133-163
  • Endogenous Regionalism, in: Journal of Institutional Economics 2(3), 2006, 297-318.
  • The True Story of Wine and Cloth. Building Blocks of an Evolutionary Political Economy of International Trade, in: Journal of Evolutionary Economics 16(4), 2006, 383-417.
  • Cultural Species and Institutional Change in China, in: Journal of Economic Issues XL(3), 2006: 539-574.
  • Para una collección de articulos en inglés, véase: SSRN-link

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