Carat, karat, karet or karot may refer to:

In the gem business:

  • Carat (mass), a unit of mass for gemstones, equal to 0.2 gram
  • Carat (purity) or karat, a unit of purity for gold

In Judaism:

  • Kareth or Karet, a biblical punishment decreed by Heaven

In entertainment:

  • Carat (board game), an abstract tile-based German-style board game
  • Karat (band), a rock band from East Germany

In media and advertising:

  • Carat, Sifow's 3rd single
  • Carat UK, UK advertising agency


  • Prakash Karat, Indian politician, General Secretary (2005-) of Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  • Brinda Karat, Indian politician, Member of Parliament
  • KARAT, a KGB codeword for former FBI Agent & convicted spy Robert Hanssen


  • Karot, Pakistan village in the Punjab, Pakistan 33°36′N 73°36′E / 33.6°N 73.6°E / 33.6; 73.6


  • Programme CARAT, Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training, annual held naval exercise of the armed forces the United States, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.


  • Karat (fruit), a variety of banana found in the Pacific Islands
  • Karat (airline), an airline in Russia
  • Karet, Iran, a village in Khuzestan Province, Iran
  • Karat, Iran, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Karat Rural District, an administrative subdivision of Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • AMS Carat, a motorized sailplane
  • Karat, an early Agfa cartridge for 35 mm film

Famous quotes containing the word carat:

    The award of a pure gold medal for poetry would flatter the recipient unduly: no poem ever attains such carat purity.
    Robert Graves (1895–1985)