Cameo may refer to:

  • Cameo (carving), method of carving, or an item (such as jewelry) made with the cameo method.
  • Cameo appearance, a brief appearance of a known figure in a film or television show
  • Cameo (apple)
  • Cameo, California, community in Fresno County
  • The Cameo, Edinburgh, cinema
  • Cameo lighting, type of spotlight
  • EyeToy: Cameo, system used with video games
  • Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations, system of software applications
  • CAMEO, Continuous Automated Model EvaluatiOn
  • Cameo (band)
  • Cameo (album), by Dusty Springfield
  • Cameo Records, 1920s New York-based record label
  • Cameo-Parkway Records, 1950s and 1960s Philadelphia-based record label
  • DJ Cameo, British disc jockey and radio presenter
  • "Cameo", a song on the Devo album Something for Everybody