CAE may refer to:

In aviation:

  • CAE Inc., a Canadian maker of flight simulators
  • Columbia Metropolitan Airport, (IATA airport code: CAE) in West Columbia, South Carolina, United States
  • Régional Compagnie Aérienne Européenne, or Regional CAE, a subsidiary airline of Air France

In computing:

  • Common Application Environment, from X/Open Portability Guide, a specification for Unix-like operating systems
  • Computer-aided engineering, computer software to aid in engineering tasks

In education:

  • Centre for Adult Education, an adult education course provider in Melbourne, Australia
  • Center for American Education (disambiguation), an old name for American-style institutions in countries including the UAE and India
  • Certificate in Advanced English, the fourth level of the University of Cambridge ESOL examination
  • College of Advanced Education, a now abolished tier of Australian tertiary institutions
  • E-learning, also known as Computer-Aided Education, Computer-Assisted Education, or
  • College of Aeronautical Engineering, Pakistan Air Force Aeronautical Engineering College

In engineering:

  • Canadian Academy of Engineering, the national academy of Canada for engineering
  • Chinese Academy of Engineering, the national academy of the People's Republic of China for engineering. It was established in 1994
  • Compressed air engine, a 200 year old type of pressure pneumatic actuator that does work by expanding compressed air

In management:

  • Certified Association Executive, a designation for not-for-profit and non-profit association professionals
  • Chief audit executive, or Director of audit, a high level independent executive with overall responsibility for Internal audit

In media:

  • Critical Art Ensemble, collective of tactical media practitioners of various specializations
  • Radio Canadian Army Europe, Radio CAE, from World War II and the 1940s, now replaced by Canadian Forces Radio and Television
  • Continental Avitation and Engineering, a US aircraft engine maker that later became Teledyne CAE

In medicine:

  • Canadian Academy of Endodontics, association of endodontists located in Canada
  • Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis, a lentiviral infection in goats that can lead to chronic disease of joints and rarely, encephalitis

Other uses:

  • Caelum constellation abbreviation, as standardized by the International Astronomical Union
  • Central African Empire, a short-lived empire in Central Africa
  • Child Abduction Emergency or AMBER Alert
  • Gyrinocheilus aymonieri, Chinese algae eater (CAE), a species of fish