Busy may refer to:

  • a busy signal
  • Busy, Doubs, a commune in France
  • Mr. Busy, a Mr. Men character
  • Little Miss Busy, a Little Miss character
  • Busy Bee, an American rapper
  • Busy Philipps, an American film actress
  • Everett M. "Busy" Arnold, an American comic books entrepreneur
  • Busy P, the stage name of the French DJ Pedro Winter
  • "Busy" (song), by Lyfe Jennings
  • "Busy" (Olly Murs song)
  • "Busy", a song by Jawbreaker
  • "Busy", a 1998 song by Grinspoon
  • "Busy", a 2000 song by K's Choice
  • Busy (musician), an American electronic musician

Famous quotes containing the word busy:

    I’m ashamed of myself and this magazine too. The sloppy, slovenly notion that everybody’s busy doing bigger things. Well, there just isn’t anything bigger than beating down the complacence of essentially decent people about prejudice. Yes, I’m ashamed of myself.
    Moss Hart (1904–1961)

    They’re busy making bigger roads,
    and better roads and more,
    so that people can discover
    even faster than before
    that everything is everywhere alike.
    Piet Hein (b. 1905)

    When a man of sense happens to be in that disagreeable situation in which he is obliged to ask himself more than once, What shall I do? he will answer himself, Nothing. When his reason points out to him no good way, he will stop short, and wait for light. A little busy mind runs on at all events, must be doing; and, like a blind horse, fears no dangers, because he sees none. Il faut scavoir s’ennuïer.*
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)