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Postgraduate Education

At the graduate school level, students seek a variety of master's degrees, either in general management – very commonly the MBA – or in a specific area, such as marketing or finance. Students pursuing postgraduate degrees often have some business experience, although this is not always a program requirement. Degrees offered here include:

  • Master of Accountancy (MAcc or MAcy, or Master of Professional Accountancy—MPA), a postgraduate degree in accounting
  • Master of Business (MBus)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Master's Degree in Business Administration
  • Master of Business and Management (MBM), a postgraduate business degree
  • Master of Business Engineering (MBE), a postgraduate business degree usually focused on the design and management of enterprises
  • Master of Commerce (MCom), a postgraduate business degree usually focused on a particular area
  • Master of Enterprise (MEnt), a postgraduate, technology & enterprise-based qualification
  • Master of Finance (MFin), a postgraduate degree in finance
  • Master of International Business (MIB), an emerging alternative to the MBA degree
  • Master of Management (MM), a postgraduate business degree
  • Master of Marketing Research (MMR) a postgraduate degree focusing on research in the field of marketing
  • Master of Nonprofit Organizations (MNO or MNPO), the postgraduate degree for philanthropy and voluntary sector professionals
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA), a postgraduate public administration degree
  • Master of Science in Management, a postgraduate business degree
  • Master in Sustainable Business (MSB)

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