Brunet may refer to:

  • a person, male or female, with brown hair
  • Brunet (pharmacy), a chain located in Quebec, Canada
  • Brunet, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, a commune of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence département, France
  • Andrée Brunet, a figure skater
  • Claude Brunet (born 1940), campaigner for patients rights
  • Genevieve Brunet (born 1959), Canadian female cyclist
  • Jacques Charles Brunet (1780-1867), French bibliographer
  • Jean-Pierre Brunet, figure skater
  • Jules Brunet (1838-1911), captain
  • Joseph-Émile Brunet, (1878-1953) a Canadian sculptor
  • Michel Brunet (disambiguation)
  • Pierre Brunet (disambiguation)
  • Marta Brunet, Chilean writer
  • Roberta Brunet, Italian athlete
  • Yasmin Brunet, a Brazilian model
  • Luíza Brunet, a Brazilian model
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