Brenda Pye - Brenda Landon Pye Portrait Prize

Brenda Landon Pye Portrait Prize

Chelsea College of Art and Design awards an annual prize for portraiture called the Brenda Landon Pye Portrait Prize in her memory. The winners have been:

  • 2006 Tom Downes and Adelita Husni-Bey (joint winners)
  • 2007 Keiji Ishida
  • 2008 Margot Sanders
  • 2009 Lindsey Bull and Connie Sides (joint winners)
  • 2010 Tom Anholt and Arthur Owen (joint winners)
  • 2011 Joe Walker

In 2009, Chelsea College of Art and Design is also running a series of Brenda Landon Pye Painting Technique Workshops.

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