BPI may refer to:

In business:

  • Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, a public high school in Maryland, United States
  • Banca Popolare Italiana, an Italian bank merged into Banco Popolare
  • Banco Portugu√™s de Investimento, a Portuguese bank
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands, the oldest bank in the Philippines
  • Banque Publique d'Investissement, a French bank
  • Beef Products, manufacturer of boneless lean beef trimmings ('pink slime')
  • BPI Energy, an energy company involved with coalbed methane (CBM) in the Illinois Basin
  • Bridge Publications (Scientology), the Church of Scientology's internal publishing division
  • British Phonographic Industry, a record industry trade association
  • British Power International, a UK-based power sector consultancy
  • Broadcast Music, Inc., one of three United States performing rights organizations

In measurement:

  • Base peak intensity, a type of mass chromatogram
  • Bits-per-inch or Bytes-per-inch, used to specify the data density of magnetic tape
  • Bomb Power Indicator, used by the Royal Observer Corps during the Cold War to detect nuclear explosions
  • Brief Pain Inventory, used to measure the change in pain intensity after treatment, for example, with anti-cancer drugs

BPI may also be:

  • Baseline Privacy Interface, a MAC layer security service
  • Boolean prime ideal theorem, a mathematical theorem
  • Business process improvement, a method of improving business processes
  • Business process interoperability, a state that exists when a business process can meet a specific objective automatically utilizing essential human labor only
  • Bard Prison Initiative, an inmate college degree program offered by Bard College