Listing and approval use and compliance is the activity of adhering to all the requirements of installing or using safety-related products and items in conformance with an active certification listing or approval that has been issued by an organisation that is accredited both for testing and product certification, such as those issued by Underwriters Laboratories, FM Global, American Nuclear Insurers, or the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). In concept, if a safety-related item, such as a fire door or a fire extinguisher, or a toaster is used in the same manner as the listing or approval states, and conforming to the intent of he associated testing, then use of the component or system complies with the listing. The listing or test is often cited by a regulation, such as a building code or a fire code, and as such is made law. This concept is known as bounding in the nuclear industry. Products whose use is not mandated by any building codes or fire codes often lack a consensus test method. Unless there is a test standard in existence to prove the functionality and reliability of such a product, there can be no certification listing.

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